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Panasonic as a company is built on a fundamental vision that every employee believes in – we are committed to improving the bedrock of the consumer’s life. The brand Panasonic  read more

I am writing to share with you our belief in the power of individuals – the individuals that make a group, a community, a collective force that has the power to change the world. At Panasonic  read more

Each year that I have spent, I got to learn new technologies and skills that have helped me a lot. Panasonic has given me the opportunity to be an expert not only in a functional domain, but also encouraged me to excel as a good team player.
Panasonic supports and respects each individual's need and tries to provide the required platform for one to grow. Glad to be a small contributor in Panasonic success over these years.
True Success, True happiness lies in freedom and fulfilment. This is so true for me, as working with Panasonic is quite an enriching experience which gave me happiness and success. Since day one I knew I have been at the right place. As a working woman it allows me to maintain a healthy work life balance. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally.
Panasonic is a workplace where employee’s honesty & hard work never go unrewarded. It’s not only working here but it is learning and enjoying here. It’s a place with umpteen opportunities for personal as well as professional growth.
I joined Panasonic as a campus hire. The past one year has been amazing and I sincerely thank Panasonic for giving me the opportunity to rise above myself. Along with being guided by able leadership, I am encouraged to take different innovative initiatives from time to time. Today, I am glad to belong to a culture where I am judged by my talent and my efforts for all the available opportunities and growth.
Panasonic is the Place where I get best of Utilization of my talents, passions & highest Ideals to make contributions that mean something to me & to the people I love & serve. Of Course, this great Job meet my financial needs as well as my need to make difference. I Feel that I am working at a Great Work Place.
Panasonic has a lively, vibrant & challenging work culture. The management philosophy drives excellence in all spheres of activity & values integrity & mutual trust. Creativity, innovation and growth are continuously encouraged. This is a truly wonderful & caring organization. This is reflected in the policies of the organization and in the behaviour of the people and this is driven by the Top Management.
Unbelievable & Incredible are the words which come to my mind. Being in Panasonic is truly a learning experience of a life time!
I joined here as Area manager and now I am Branch Manager. Panasonic is a place where we get opportunity to build our career. I got chance to gain knowledge /experience in different fields. I feel proud to be a part of Panasonic.