1. Where are your offices located?

Panasonic India operates a number of offices and branches across India. Our registered office is in Chennai and the corporate office is based out of Gurgaon, NCR.

2. What job openings are available at Panasonic India?

There are various categories of jobs available at Panasonic India. For all current openings, please do refer to the Career Opportunities mentioned on this site.

3. What does a remuneration package comprise?

The remuneration package each employee receives differs according to his or her overall profile.

However, certain benefits such as health insurance, gratuity, etc. are entitlements of all employees across all levels.

We recognize the efforts and performance of our employees and a competitive and rewarding scheme has been established towards the same.

4. What is the probation period for?

The probation period of six months for all employees across all levels.

5. What is the corporate culture at Panasonic India?

Our corporate culture is based on our Basic Business Philosophy. At Panasonic, we ‘manufacture people before products’. Therefore we place emphasis on the welfare and personal development of all employees as we believe that our success is wholly dependent on their commitment, involvement and application in their duties and responsibilities.

6. How are performance appraisals conducted at Panasonic India?

We place great emphasis on dialogue between a manager and his/her team during the appraisal process. Performance appraisals are conducted annually to recognize our employees' performance.The appraisal provides a base to determine each employee's variable annual bonus, pay revision and overall career advancement.

7. Is it true that in a Japanese organization such as Panasonic, non-Japanese employees do not get promoted to senior management positions?

Contrary to this erroneous perception, in Panasonic we emphasize the importance and value of localising the positions held by Japanese expatriates. Localization is one of the pillars of Panasonic India and we are fully committed tohonoring the same. Panasonic has a Global Executive Programme that identifies high potential employees and nurtures them to fill senior management positions when they are ready.

8. Does that mean senior positions are only filled by long serving employees?

Any position in Panasonic India is filled based purely on merit. An existing employee whom the company has identified as High-Potential and has been trained &developed can fill the position. Please refer to our Career Development page for further details on High-Potential candidates.

If a suitable internal candidate is not available, local talents outside the company will be sourced to fill the position.

9. Is it true that women in a Japanese organization cannot climb the career ladder like the menin the organization?

Contrary to this erroneous perception,the recruitment philosophy in Panasonic is to embrace diversity where recruitment is not limited to gender, race, nationality etc. Similarly in our career progression, there is no cause for concern due to gender. Panasonic fills all positions based purely on candidates' merit.

Please refer to our ‘Embracing Diversity’ page for further details on diversity in the organization.

10. What characteristics does Panasonic look for in a candidate?

Panasonic India looks for candidates who are grounded and have a strong sense of personal integrity.

We are a young company which has been growing at a rapid pace and we are looking for individuals who can work at the same pace while adhering to their values and principles.

Please refer to our ‘What We Look For’ page for further details on diversity in the organization.